Let's build Cameroon.


Wake up Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon! It is time to build our nation together. Let us make our desire and dream to become real; for us, our children, and the next generation to come. Let’s this country shine.


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Health and Sanitation

Most of the deadly diseases affecting our populations come from the drinking water consumed by them. We want to help provide safe drinking water for rural populations.


Education is a key driver of development. It is crucial for our children to begin this important stage of their lives, in a clean, responsive and stimulating environment.

Cameroon We Can aims to bring together members of the Cameroonian diasporas for joint actions of solidarity for the advent, the promotion and establishment of democracy and respect for public and individual freedoms in Cameroon through legal and peaceful means



Cameroon We Can wishes to assist materially and provide assistance to any Cameroonian who is arrested, imprisoned or tortured for peacefully demonstrating for the advent of democracy, respect for individual freedoms, and the end of the war in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.



Cameroon We Can wants to carry out targeted communication campaigns towards Cameroon’s bilateral partners and counter the propaganda of the dictatorial regime of Yaoundé which spends huge amounts of money to hire lobbyists whose mission is to give the voice of Inaudible democrats and promote dictatorship, violation of rights and freedoms in Cameroon.