Our Mission

Our mission

Peace, development, justice, sustainability


Cameroon We Can aims to bring together members of the Cameroonian diasporas for joint actions of solidarity for the advent, the promotion and establishment of democracy and respect for public and individual freedoms in Cameroon through legal and peaceful means.

Cameroon We Can wishes to assist materially and provide assistance to any Cameroonian who is arrested, imprisoned or tortured for peacefully demonstrating for the advent of democracy, respect for individual freedoms, and the end of the war in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

Cameroon We Can wishes to contribute to the development and influence of the Cameroonian people and its Diaspora throughout the world.

Cameroon We Can wishes to support citizen actions in all social areas such as: health, education, economy, environment, sustainable development, technologies, etc.

Cameroon We Can wishes to collect donations to finance the above-mentioned activities.

Let’s build Cameroon

We have a unique opportunity to build Cameroon together by working inclusively with diaspora and people from back home.

Cameroon We Can is there to focus not only to the common future of our nation, but also to promote our culture, economic development, and fight for justice and peace.

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